How to become Salesforce Certified Professional?

Getting your first (and not only) Salesforce Certification isn’t very easy thing, but it will pay off just after you nail it! It will boost your confidence with the topic and increase your salary. Also, all time spent on preparation will give you more insight into the studied topic. It is definitely beneficial to demonstrate your knowledge by getting Salesforce Certification, as Salesforce Certification Program is well recognized by companies and established by Salesforce from the very beginning. It will look very good in your resume though!

Follow below steps to perform technical actions in order to schedule your certification exam.

1. Navigate to Salesforce Trailhead and choose your certification.

Next to each certification you will find “Schedule Now” button, which will direct you to Webassessor page.

register for Salesforce certification exam trailhead

2. Create new user or log in to your Webassessor account.

After successful registration you will receive a confirmation email.
Log in to see list of available certificates.

register for Salesforce certification exam webassessor

3. Choose your certification from the dropdown.

Choose certification you would like to take.
You have a possibility to choose onsite or online proctored exam. 
For onsite you need to choose Training Center, to which you will go at the day of the exam. Online option provides you with a possibility to take an exam from your home – it will be proctored online.

register for Salesforce certification exam register

4. Book your certification.

Choose a date and make a payment with your credit/debit card.
Please remember, that in case you need to reschedule your exam, you should do it 72 hours before planned start date. Otherwise there is an additional fee being charged.

register for Salesforce certification exam schedule

5. Get ready for it!

Prepare for your exam.
Be 15 minutes before scheduled time.
If you are taking online proctored exam, clean your desk and nearby area.
Prepare your ID document and have it handy.
Make sure, that your internet connection is stable.
Perfectly – find a quite place and focus solely on the exam.

6. Get your new shiny certification.

You will receive your exam result just after you finish your test.
If you pass – good job! You will receive your new certification badge and it will be also visible on your profile in Trailhead. You (and your employer, colleagues and everyone else) can verify it here.
If you failed – no worries. This is normal process of learning. Take some time, get through materials again and check our courses below to make sure you are well prepared for the next exam!

register for Salesforce certification exam credentials verification

7. Do not forget about maintenance.

Your certification needs to be maintained in order to stay with you.
Each Salesforce Release comes with new maintenance module on Trailhead.
Remember to link your Webassessor account and finish Trailhead modules regularly to keep your certification(s) active.

register for Salesforce certification exam certification maintenance



salesforce administrator certification course


salesforce advanced administrator certification course

Advanced Administrator

salesforce platform app builder certification course

Platform App Builder

salesforce cpq specialist certification course

CPQ Specialist

salesforce business analyst certification course

Business Analyst

salesforce marketing cloud administrator certification course

Marketing Cloud Administrator


salesforce platform developer I certification course

Platform Developer I

salesforce platform developer II certification course

Platform Developer II

salesforce javascript developer I certification course

JavaScript Developer I

salesforce marketing cloud developer certification course

Marketing Cloud Developer

salesforce omnistudio developer certification course

OmniStudio Developer

salesforce b2c commerce developer certification course

B2C Commerce Developer

salesforce industries cpq developer certification course

Industries CPQ Developer


salesforce service cloud consultant certification course

Service Cloud Consultant

salesforce sales cloud consultant certification course

Sales Cloud Consultant

salesforce experience cloud consultant certification course

Experience Cloud Consultant

salesforce marketing cloud consultant certification course

Marketing Cloud Consultant

salesforce omnistudio consultant certification course

OmniStudio Consultant

salesforce field service consultant certification course

Field Service Consultant

salesforce tableau crm and einstein discovery consultant certification course

Tableau CRM and Einstein Discovery Consultant

salesforce pardot consultant certification course

Pardot Consultant

salesforce nonprofit cloud consultant certification course

Nonprofit Cloud Consultant

salesforce education cloud consultant certification course

Education Cloud Consultant


salesforce data architect certification course

Data Architect

salesforce sharing and visibility architect certification course

Sharing and Visibility Architect

salesforce application architect certification course

Application Architect

salesforce integration architect certification course

Integration Architect

salesforce identity and access management architect certification course

Identity and Access Management Architect

salesforce development lifecycle and deployment architect certification course

Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect

salesforce system architect certification course

System Architect

salesforce technical architect certification course

Technical Architect

salesforce heroku architect certification course

Heroku Architect

salesforce b2b solution architect certification course

B2B Solution Architect

salesforce b2c commerce architect certification course

B2C Commerce Architect

salesforce b2c solution architect certification course

B2C Solution Architect


salesforce strategy designer certification course

Strategy Designer

salesforce user experience designer certification course

User Experience Designer


salesforce marketing cloud email specialist certification course

Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

salesforce pardot specialist certification course

Pardot Specialist

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