salesforce remote work - working from home tips

Remote work – working from home tips

Work from home has become a very popular since March 2020. Some of you may be working in such way before, however its popularity has skyrocketed during pandemic times and its now a standard for most companies. Regardless of certain benefits of travelling to office from time to time, most employees value time, which can be saved while working from home.

Nevertheless, there are some tips, which you should follow to adjust your workplace and benefit from remote work. Make sure that you avoid distraction and burnout, which are at high risk and are coming alongside with remote work benefits.

Keep your working hours

9 to 5 schedule is your friend… most of the time. It is easy to sit extra hours in your “office” and lost tracking of your free time. Make sure that you are starting your job on the proper hour and, most importantly, that you end your day regularly, at set time.

Create your routine

What will help you to accomplish good work-life balance, is your working routine. Don’t jump into reading emails at breakfast and change your pajama before sitting in from of the desk. Eating lunch on the call is not a good option either. Take care of your environment and manage your sleep, to avoid stressful situation and hectic mornings.

Communicate with your family or co-residents

If you are not living alone, it is critical, that your family or friends understand, that you are in fact at WORK. So you do not have time for housekeeping (most of the time though). Try to avoid distraction, leave your phone in the other room and do not watch Netflix movies during the day. It is your work time and everyone needs to understand it, if you want to be efficient and motivated.

Prepare your workspace

Cleaning your desk is first step. If you know, that remote work is not just a temporary solution for you, check with your employer if you can get better equipment – like monitor or desk. Otherwise, think about saving some money to buy it by yourself. Working in the kitchen or while sitting on the couch is not good idea for long-time work from home environment. Dedicated room will be a luxury, but if you can manage your space, it is worth to do it – you will leave your work and get back home (even if it means just to change a room).

Remember about breaks

In the office we used to have some chats, lunches and coffees. Do not forgot about same, while you are working from home. Your eyes and back will thank you for doing so and you will get back to monitor a little bit refreshed. Don’t stare at it for hours, forgetting about having a coffee or some stretching.


Physical activity is critical now. While travelling to office you used to have some walk, but now your office is 5m from your bed. Breaks and little stretching is beneficial, but not enough. Make sure that you will use your breaks to do some walking or visit a gym after long day. Your body needs it and it will be beneficial for your mind as well.

Socialize with your colleagues

Remember coffee time? Why to lose it? Socializing may be a little bit harder right now, but make sure you are meeting with your colleagues, if possible. Maybe some occasional visits in the office or bear after work? If it is not possible, hang out with your friends – we all need to meet each other. Virtual meetings can’t replace real-live interaction.

Turn off

Once you finished your work, you finished it. Literally – close your laptop and turn off mobile phone and all notifications. Really, MS Teams can work and you can reply tomorrow. Don’t be 24 hours at work, as you will feel burnout very soon.

There are various benefits of remote work, but keep in mind that it is relatively easy to get bored, distracted and lose motivation. Use these tips to improve your workspace and fully benefit from remote work.

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